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Gain 10 to 30 Yards on Your Driver in Just 6 Weeks!

Have you always wanted a drive that is envied by your golf buddies?  Are you looking to regain some distance that you've lost as you've gotten older?  Or maybe you're just starting out and want to build some distance into your game?  


When it comes to adding distance to your driver and irons, our Ripp Stix Speed Training System really delivers.  We guarantee it!

My length has increased probably 15 yards on my driver already and I'm still on the no ball stick. Getting reliably on long par 4's in two that I'd never once reached in my life!!     --Arnie M., NY

I've been losing distance for a long time and it made me feel less. I've wanted to quit because of it. I know tricks and new clubs can't work but this "Training for Distance " made sense to me. I've never written a thank you before for any online purchase, but Thank You. I love playing golf and would have hated losing it in my life. I've gained nearly 25 yards with my driver and 1 club difference with my irons. I just purchased another set of the Ripp Stix for a friend  that can really use them. Thank you and thanks for having a product that really works   --Terry T,, MI

I could tell the difference within the first couple of weeks.  I am now hitting my driver 25 yards longer and my buddies are taking notice, especially now that I am consistently out-driving them."    --John A., OH

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