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Putting Aids

Putt Ruler

Make More Putts


All golfers know that good putting is key to lowering scores.   Many golfers focus their practice on making long putts, but will this really pay the greatest dividend?  Let’s take a look at some statistics.  The average PGA tour pro will make only 5.7% of putts from 25 feet vs. 4.3% for an amateur, a minimal difference.  However, at shorter distances, the percentages are more pronounced. A tour pro will make 69% of 6-foot putts while an amateur golfer will make only 50%.  At 12 feet, the tour player will make 30% of the putts compared to 19% for an amateur.  Clearly, focusing on training to make more putts from 12-15 feet and in will pay the most dividends for the average golfer.

The Putt Ruler is designed to help you develop the necessary skills to putt the ball on line.  The Putt Ruler is marked in one-foot increments that correspond to various putt lengths.  Start by putting the ball from the one-foot mark to improve the accuracy of your 3-foot putts.  As you increase your skill, move the ball further down the Putt Ruler until you can putt the ball the full 4-foot length, which corresponds to making a 12-15 foot putt.  The Putt Ruler is lightweight aluminum and is easy to use indoors or outside.   Learn to rule the greens with the Putt Ruler!   

Putting Trainer

Improve Your Impact

You line up the putt, draw back the putter, make the stroke, and… watch the ball roll on a different line.   Squaring the putter is essential to rolling the ball on the intended line.  Learn to hit the putter squarely every time with the Putting Trainer by Greg ‘The Golf Guy” Jones.  Simply line up your putter with the Putt Trainer and make your stroke.  A square impact will result in a straight roll.  Impact with the toe or heel of the putter will cause the Putting Trainer to roll off to the left or right.   The trainer can be used indoors or outside.   All you need is a smooth surface, your putter, and the Putting Trainer, and you’ll be on you way to sinking more putts and lowering your scores.

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