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Golf Swing Aids

Ripp Stix    In-to-Out Swing Trainer

Improve Your Swing Path to Eliminate the Slice


Eliminating the slice is at the top of most golfers wish lists.  Make that slice a thing of the past with the Ripp Stix In-to-Out Swing Trainer.  Slicing is  the result of casting the club and coming over the top.  This training aid will help you learn to properly position the club on the backswing, and help you develop the timing and tempo you need on the downswing to avoid casting and get that club swinging in-to-out.

In-to-Out Swing Path Stix

Eliminate Slices and Pulls


Slices and pulls result from coming over the top in the swing.  The In-to-Out Swing Path Stix with help you eliminate these undesirable shots by providing visual, audible, and tactile feedback as you train to develop a proper in-to-out swing path.  The Swing Path Stix can be used at the range while hitting balls or in your backyard just training with your club.  The sticks and bases are durable and easily disassembled to fit into your golf bag.

Impact Control Pad

Stop Fat and Thin Shots

The most important part of any golf shot is the impact or hit. Even if you have the world's best swing but a bad impact, you won't have a good golf shot. The Impact Control Pad was developed to help every golfer develop a truer impact, and as a result, achieve more distance and better accuracy. Eliminate those fat and thin shots today with the Impact Control Pad.

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